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Nature & Wildlife Photography

For me, nothing is better than spending some days in the forest combining bush craft and wildlife photography. Something happens to my mind when sitting next to the campfire cooking my food, listening to the wind in the trees and watching all the beauty of nature.

"Reconnect with nature"

featured projects

Best Trip Ever

After Decision to hiking Piramagrun Mountain , we can do it but is was so difficult because we been there at night that was the first time of hiking's story , so we can make a Record !!! to watch the video Click Here

Great Trip To Sharbazher | Part 2

After I am going out to photographing in Corona Virus Day , in my second day of Photographing Trip , i can photograph this Black & White Bird that call : ( Desert Wheatear ) , one of the beautiful bird and having lovely sound , hope you like it .

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I'm amazed as a Kurdish photographer by nature, wildlife and singing birds. My dream is to absorb and discover nature secrets and wonderful wildlife aspects to bring those beyond compare views and beings into your vision.

Joining the Kurdistan and world photography competitions helped me to move forward and put more effort to progress better in my career and believe in myself that i can be a Kurdistan or world's best photographer.