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Longly Tree with Billion Stars 

I was going to photographing Sky and Milky Way, while i driving i saw this longly tree, i am happy to see this , if you want to buy this photo, check out here .

Great Trip To Sharbazher | Part 2

After I am going out to photographing in Corona Virus Day , in my second day of Photographing Trip , i can photograph this Black & White Bird that call : ( Desert Wheatear ) , one of the beautiful bird and having lovely sound , hope you like it .

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Great Trip To Sharbazher

in this trip i can get many photos and videos for one of the beautiful birds in Kurdistan Region, that's Hoopoes bird , to watch the video Click Here 

Great Tit bird photography

in this small trip i can quickly make this video to show you how i photographing it , to watch the video Click Here

Best Trip Ever

After Decision to hiking Piramagrun Mountain , we can do it but is was so difficult because we been there at night that was the first time of hiking's story , so we can make a Record !!! to watch the video Click Here


The beauty of solitude is when my mind starts to let go of the everyday tasks and surrenders itself to the present moment. I then feel the silence and start to see everything in a new perspective.

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